Class Blog 2021-2022
Summer Term (2nd Half)
'Who Lives in a Rock Pool?'
Summer Term (1st Half)
'All Things Bright and Beautiful'
We were sad to say goodbye to our butterflies but happy to know they would be flying free!
As part of our topic work, we met Matilda the chicken and her egg! We found out about different parts of a chicken and their life cycle. Later, we watched a video of an egg hatching!
In literacy, we have been writing alternative endings to Jack and the Beanstalk and writing letters to the ducks in The Ugly Duckling.
In RE, we have been learning the Christian creation story. We used our printing skills to create a hanging mobile showing each day of the creation.
In topic, we are enjoying watching our tadpoles and caterpillars grow and change! We have also planted runner beans and sunflower seeds which we are measuring each week to see how tall they are! In our writing, we have written instructions on how to plant a bean and we have written our own innovated beanstalk stories!
In PE, the children are learning to negotiate space and move in different ways through topic related games such as "seed, stalk, flower" where they travel around the space in different ways, and then stop in different shapes (a seed, stalk or flower shape). They are also learning to aim and throw accurately by sowing 'seeds' (beanbags) into 'flower beds' (hoops) at different distances. The children enjoyed playing the 'Caterpillars' game; travelling around in different ways to collect a 'caterpillar' (rope) and compare it with their partner's caterpillar to see who had the longest. The children's favourite game of all is "Fee Fi Fo Fum" where the 'giants' chase the 'Jacks' along a beanstalk obstacle course! 
In art, we are learning the skill of printing. We started with hand prints and printing with sponges and are moving onto printing more precisely using fingers and more intricate objects. We have also been drawing observational pictures of nature, such as tadpoles and beanstalks!
Spring Term (2nd Half)
'Once upon a time...'
On Thursday 7th April, we collected soil, moss, flowers, sticks and stones to make our own Easter garden. We used the garden to re-tell the Easter story.
On Thursday 31st March, the Friends of the Fal and some visitors from the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, met us in the woods to show us some new nest boxes that were going to be set up for birds. They also gave us some spotting guides to help us identify some flowers and birds as we walked through the woods. From the list we managed to spot; bluebells, catkins, wild garlic, wood anemone, a bumble bee and a chiffchaff singing. We spotted lots of other signs of Spring too, including daffodils, primroses and lots of leaf buds.
Our third traditional story was Goldilocks. We enjoyed using our pouring and stirring skills to make our own porridge and cut fruit as a healthy topping! In our writing, we wrote letters of apology from Goldilocks to the 3 bears. In art, we continued to develop our collage skills, making trees for the woods, by ripping tissue paper. Our role play became the 3 Bears' cottage and we used our maths skills to keep their chairs, bowls, spoons in the right order from small to large!
Our second traditional story was The 3 Billy Goats Gruff. We wrote sentences for the beginning, middle and end of the story. In art, we continued to develop our collage skills, focussing on arranging a mix of 2D and 3D media before sticking it down. In topic time, we looked at some famous bridges from around the world and learned the names of different types of bridge, such as cantilever and suspension. We walked to the bridge in the village to have a look and decide what type of bridge crosses the river! In DT, we explored making triangles and squares using straws to test which shape was strongest for making a bridge. In our free play, the children had great fun making their own bridges using large and small construction! 
We began our new topic "Once upon a time.." with the traditional story of the Three Little Pigs. We wrote speech bubbles and labels for the pig's houses. In topic time, we discussed different types of houses around the world as well as the homes that animals make! In art this half term, we are developing the skills of collage and this week we practised cutting paper, straw and sticks to the right length to make the 3 pigs houses! 
Spring Term (1st Half)
'Starry Night'
To finish our topic, the children have enjoyed playing in role as astronauts! They have really impressed us with their knowledge of Space through the language they have been using in their play! 
On Thursday 17th February, we painted observational pictures of daffodils using watercolours. We looked carefully at the different colours and made different shades by adding white or black.
On Wednesday 16th February, the children enjoyed making rockets using junk modelling. They used all the skills they have been practising over the last 6 weeks of; folding, cutting, rolling and joining card to make the different parts of the rocket such as the nose cone and fins.
On Friday 11th February, we looked at the work of Picasso from his blue period and made shades of blue paint by adding different amounts of white. We then used the shades to create our own blue paintings. The planet Neptune was great inspiration with all its different shades of blue!
In this topic, our writing and role play has been based on the story "Whatever Next!". In PSED, we have been learning the importance of cleaning our teeth as part of our bedtime and morning routines. In art, we have been making lighter and darker shades of primary colours. We have also been sculpting our own aliens using playdough and other media. 
Autumn Term (2nd Half)
'Sparkle and Shine!'
We have enjoyed learning the Nativity story and playing the part of villagers in the school play. In class, we have been busy decorating our tree and making paper chains to hang up. We have also been busy little elves in our 'Elf Workshop', making, wrapping and labelling presents to slide down the chute into Santa's sleigh! In literacy, we have been writing letters to Santa. On Wednesday 15th December, we tucked into our delicious Christmas dinner and then were so excited to hear sleigh bells and have a surprise visit from a very special visitor!
During the week beginning 9th November, we talked about how and why birthdays are celebrated and how the children have changed since they were babies! We read the story 'Kipper's Birthday' by Mick Inkpen and then planned a 5th birthday party for him, writing lists and invitations. We had great fun at the party and the children were delighted when Kipper joined us so they could sing happy birthday to him!
During the week beginning 15th November, we found out all about the Hindu festival of Diwali. The children listened carefully to the story of Rama and Sita and re-told it using puppets and props. In Literacy, they wrote a sentence about their favourite character and learned a poem called 'Im a Little Diva Lamp', which they enjoying rehearsing so they could perform it to others! In art, we made diva lamps using our skills of modelling and making impressions in clay. Later, we finshed we painted the clay lamps in bright colours. We also created a beautiful, class Rangoli pattern, using coloured rice. At the end of the week, we made Diwali sweets by mixing condensed milk and desiccated coconut and rolling the mixture into balls - delicious! 
During the week beginning 8th November, we have been creating explosive firework art by learning the skills of flicking paint and sprinkling glitter. In Literacy, we used our Fred sounds to write some describing words for fireworks and we also listened carefully to the story of Guy Fawkes and his gunpowder plot!
On Thursday 11th September, we talked about the significance of poppies on Remembrance day and made our own clay poppies to put in the garden.
Autumn Term (1st Half)
'Do you want to be friends?' and 
'Exploring Autumn'
On Friday 22nd October, we compared the process of harvesting wheat and making flour in the past and the present day. We had a go at grinding corn into flour - it was very hard work! We then enjoyed making bread, just like the Little Red Hen in our class story, using the skills of measuring, mixing and kneading. We really enjoyed eating the warm, fresh bread - yum!
On Thursday 30th September, we went on a walk through the woods to spot signs of Autumn. The children enjoyed finding and naming seeds in flowers and trees. At playtime, they couldn't wait to show us the ones they found along the edges of the school field! We also harvested some vegetables from the school garden and looked for seeds inside. We cut open the pumpkin and drew observational pictures of the inside. At snack time, the children were excited to look inside their fruit to find seeds, some of which they chose to plant in the garden! The children asked to try the pumpkin we had harvested, so the following day we roasted one to try - yum!
On Friday 17th September, we went to Pentewan beach as part of our Wild Tribe week! We created beach art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy, and sat quietly under the parachute, mindfully listening to the sounds of the sea.
Wonderful Wild Tribe Week!
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Our EYFS team are Mrs Clare Hayes and Miss Catherine Humpage
In Pedrevan we cater for both Nursery and Reception children, taking children from their 3rd birthday all the way through to the end of their Reception Year. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and lessons and activities are carefully planned to develop children's knowledge and skills, through a topic-based approach. Through building trusted relationships and providing stimulating and challenging experiences, we nurture, support and encourage our children to become confident, resilient and independent learners.
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Children are taught to read and write using the systematic phonics scheme 'Read, Write Inc'. From the very beginning of the year, children are introduced to letter sounds, which they will quickly start to use to read and write simple words. Pronouncing the letter sounds correctly is very important and this short video demonstrates exactly: how to say the sounds! For more information about the program, please click the image below...
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