Welcome to Kwilkyn's Class page

Our class team are Miss Coffee, Miss Dalton and Mrs Pryer.
Kwilkyn Class currently has Years 4, 5 and 6 and follows the Key Stage 2 Curriculum.

The children use a 'Maths Mastery' format for the fast pace teaching required by the new National Curriculum for Maths. In English we use a Talk for Writing approach. For the rest of our curriculum we are immersive, incorporating as many areas as we can into a topic. Our classroom is fully immersed as well, to help us feel like we are surrounded by our topic. We also learn French and are very lucky to have a PE apprentice to help us with our PE lessons.
Eden Project Ice Skating 08.01.2020
We kicked off the new year in style at the Eden Project this week! During the morning, we toured the biomes, trying to find plants and artwork we hadn't noticed before. After lunch we braved the ice rink... Miss Coffee was super proud of the class for their resilience; every fall resulted in a smile and everyone got straight back up and carried on. It just goes to prove...there's no such word as can't!
Tree Decorating at Eden
Our Eden 'My Tree, My Community' Project came to a close today as we went to the Eden Project to decorate our tree. We added our cats and our stars and carefully decided where they should go on the tree. It was great fun coming up with stories about all the different cats and how they got to their spot on the tree. We were super lucky because after we'd decorated the tree we were treated to hot chocolate and chocolate biscuits! 
Bread Making
Today we completed our Bread Bake-Off by designing and making our bread rolls. We chose our own added ingredients, then weighed out the ingredients and made the dough. It took a long time to make, prove and bake, but the delicious rolls were definitely worth the wait!
Eden Project Tree Decorations
Today, Clare came back to see us to help us make our tree decorations for our tree at The Eden Project. She came up with a cat theme for as lots of our Christmas stories featured our pets! We used insulation tubing and wire to make our cats and decorated them with tape, glue and tissue paper. We can't wait to see them on the tree at Eden. 
Salt Dough Bread Designing
This week on Fun Friday, we designed our bread rolls using salt dough. We practised making different shapes, including round rolls, knotted rolls and plaits, before choosing our design and creating it using salt dough. We're really looking forward to making our real bread rolls in a couple of weeks!
Trip to Caerhays Barton Farm 
Today we went to Caerhays Barton Farm to meet their new lambs as part of our 'From farm to fork' topic. We all got to hold a lamb which was only about 12 hours old! We learned about the lives of the sheep on the farm, about what they eat and where they sleep. We also got to meet their cows and bulls, and found out more about the lives of Cornish farmers and the vital role they play in our community. 
Eden Project Tea Party
'My Tree, My Community' 
Today we had a visit from Clare, an artist from the Eden Project, who came to help us make some games. We made the Christmas-themed board games this morning, and came up with lots of questions to ask our tea party guests, to find out about Christmas in the past and any funny stories they might be able to share with us!
This afternoon our families and friends came in to share a drink and a scone, and to play our games and tell us about their experiences of Christmas. We can't wait for Clare to come back in to us to make our Christmas tree decorations, which will be used on a tree at the Eden Project this festive season. 
Baking Scones 30.10.19
On the first day of this half term, we used our maths skills to weigh our ingredients for scones for our Eden Project Community Tea Party. We made savoury cheese scones, plain scones and fruit scones. There was much debate about whether we should put jam or cream on first!
Chocolate Making - October 2019
What a fantastic way to end the half term!
We have spent this half term focusing on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. It has been great fun creating a new character and designing a new room for the factory and writing about the adventures that might happen there. To celebrate finishing our fantastic stories, we designed our own Wonka Chocolate Bar. We designed the bar and chose our topics, coming up with great ways to advertise them to our customers. Best of all we then got to make the chocolates to take home and enjoy at half term!
Harvest Service at St Nun's Church - October 2019
Here are some pictures of Kwilkyn Class at the Harvest Service.
We really enjoyed performing our Harvest prayer at the church for our friends and family. We really thought about what we were thankful to God for at this time of year, what we would like to ask God for help for, and say sorry for things we do that harm our planet. It was a great opportunity to reflect on how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful community surrounded by family and friends to support us. 
Pizza Express - September 2019
Kwilkyn's Class went to Pizza Express to make pizza.
We were lucky enough to go to Pizza Express in Truro as part of our topic 'Food, Glorious Food'. First we all made a delicious Pizza Margarita, then we learnt all about where pizza comes from, when it was invented and who for. We also talked about all the different ingredients in the pizza; how they help make the pizza delicious and where they come from. Then we came back to school in time to eat pour yummy pizzas for lunch!
Kwilkyn Class Camp - July 2019
Here are some pictures of Kwilkyn Class at Camp!
Surf Day - June 2019
Kwilkyn's Class went to Fistral Beach to take park in a Surf Session. 
Wheal Martyn Trip - May 2019
Kwilkyn's Class visited the Wheal Martyn Museum to take part in a workshop. 
Bowls - Summer Term
Some of the older children have been going over the local bowling club to have a go at Bowls!
Sailing at Percuil - Summer Term
The Y5 children are going to Percuil for Sailing lesson for the Summer Term!
Gardening - April 2019
 Tasmin from Perennial Harvest Gardening Club came to the school to help us prepare our entries for the Spring Flower Show at Royal Cornwall Show Ground on 5th & 6th April. Children from Kwilkyn Class took part in this. 
Mythical Creations Spring 2019
Kwilkyn Class trip to Eden Project - February 2019
Here are some pictures of our class during the Autumn Term.