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Our EYFS team are Mrs Clare Hayes and Miss Catherine Humpage
In the Foundation Stage we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We cater for both Nursery and Reception children, taking children from their 3rd birthday all the way through to the end of their Reception Year. It is a happy, vibrant room where children can access learning at all levels and develop independence and social skills in a supportive and happy environment.
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Children are taught to read and write using the systematic phonics scheme 'Read, Write Inc'. From the very beginning of the year, children are introduced to letter sounds, which they will quickly start to use to read and write simple words. Pronouncing the letter sounds correctly is very important and this short video demonstrates exactly: how to say the sounds! For more information about the program, please click the image below...
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We love outdoor learning!
Class Blog 2020-2021
Summer Term (2nd Half)
'Under the Sea'
Summer Term (1st Half)
'All Things Bright and Beautiful'
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Spring Term (1st Half)
Autumn Term (2nd Half)
'Let's Celebrate'
Kipper's Birthday By Inkpen, Mick, Paperback Used Book, Very Good,
Autumn Term (1st Half)
'I am Special'
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We have been designing and making houses using the same materials as the 3 Little Pigs! We tested the strength of the different materials and found the Lego brick house was the strongest as it couldn't be blown over! In our builder's yard, we discovered that if we mixed sand and water together it became like cement and could stick the foam bricks together! We have also been doing lots of writing related to the story, including; labels for the characters and houses and speech bubbles. 
We enjoyed going exploring around the field to look for signs of Autumn! We found lots of things to add to our Autumn exploration table. We really liked the fluffy seed heads that we found on the Thistles and Dandelions as we could blow them into the air and try to catch them!