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Our EYFS team are Mrs Clare Hayes and Miss Catherine Humpage.
In the Foundation Stage we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We cater for both Nursery and Reception children, taking children from their 3rd birthday all the way through to the end of their Reception Year. It is a happy, vibrant room where children can access learning at all levels and develop independence and social skills in a supportive and happy environment.
Growing together in God's love...
Loving, Learning, Living!
Characteristics of Effective Learning
In Pedrevan, the children are encouraged to grow as effective, independent learners with the help of some very special characters called 'Learnosaurs'. Each loveable character has its own special learning power, for example, the 'Tryatops' never gives up and bounces back after difficulties. The 'Explorerapter' uses its senses to explore the world and have a go at new things. These Learnosaurs are actually a child-friendly version of the 'Characteristics  of Effective Learning' which form an integral part of the Early Year's Foundation Stage Curriculum. For more information on the EYFS Curriculum please click here 
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Children are taught to read and write using the systematic phonics scheme 'Read, Write Inc'. From the very beginning of the year, children are introduced to letter sounds, which they will quickly learn to blend together to read and use to write simple words and sentences. For more information about RWI (including video clips of how to pronounce the letter sounds) please click here
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We love outdoor learning!
Class Blog 2020-2021
Autumn Term (2nd Half)
'Let's Celebrate'
Autumn Term (1st Half)
'I am Special'
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We have been designing and making houses using the same materials as the 3 Little Pigs! We tested the strength of the different materials and found the Lego brick house was the strongest as it couldn't be blown over! In our builder's yard, we discovered that if we mixed sand and water together it became like cement and could stick the foam bricks together! We have also been doing lots of writing related to the story, including; labels for the characters and houses and speech bubbles. 
We enjoyed going exploring around the field to look for signs of Autumn! We found lots of things to add to our Autumn exploration table. We really liked the fluffy seed heads that we found on the Thistles and Dandelions as we could blow them into the air and try to catch them!
Class Blog 2019-2020
Spring Term (2nd Half)
'Under the Sea'
Spring Term (1st Half)
'Earth and Beyond!'
World Book Day!
Pancake day!
On Monday 6th January, we had a visit from Daya. She taught us lots of facts about Hinduism and the festival of Diwali. We enjoyed dressing up in Indian clothing, dancing, meditating and even cooking and tasting some yummy Indian food!
Autumn Term 2019 (2nd Half)
'Why do we have bones?'
On Friday 13th December, we went to The Rogue Theatre in Tehidy Wood to see all the decorations and watch a performance. We had a magical time and especially enjoyed singing along to the Christmas songs with Old Man Winter!

On Thursday 21st November, we went to visit the vet to experience taking a cat for a vaccination! The vet weighed the cat and then showed us how he checks the heart, teeth, eyes and tummy. We even had a go at using the stethoscope to hear the cat's heart! We then watched as the vet gave the cat his vaccination and talked about how it will prevent him getting flu just like the children had received their vaccination from the nurse. This experience will help to support the children's role play next week when we set up our own vet practice in the classroom!
During the first week back, we learned all about the Hindu festival of Diwali: "the festival of light". We learned the story of Rama and Sita and re-told it using stick puppets. We also made our own Rangoli patterns, designed Mendi patterns for our hands. We made and decorated clay Diva lamps, used glitter to make firework pictures and finished the week by making and eating some delicious coconut sweets - yum!
Autumn Term 2019 (1st Half)
'Oh help, oh no, it's a...'
On Thursday 17th October, we completed our Gruffalo topic, with a visit to Feadon Farm Park in Portreath. We were excited to meet the animals from the story in real life! What a fantastic experience! We hand-fed the goats and chickens, stroked the reindeer, held the barn owl and even got a kiss on the nose from the foxes! We also got up close and personal with a toad, ferret and a corn snake. We learned lots of facts about different British wildlife and about the importance of conservation. We were sad to learn that hedgehogs are nearly extinct but pleased to hear the centre were looking after a mother hedgehog and her 3 newborns!
We have been celebrating our very own bumper harvest of giant pumpkins and carrots from the school garden! We have also been exploring nature's harvest around the grounds and building up an impressive display on our Autumn table! We have found; conkers, beech nuts, acorns, chestnuts and many different types of seeds, which has inspired us to find out about lifecycles of different native trees. 
We dressed up as characters from the Gruffalo story and played in role. We even had a Gruffalo cave! 
We read the story of the Little Red Hen and then followed the visual instructions in a Paul Hollywood recipe book to make our own loaves! 
This half term, we are learning the skills of collage and sculpture. We have made lots of topic-based art work, as well as applying our skills when choosing to make creations of our own!
As part of our Gruffalo topic, we enjoyed making a Gruffalo crumble! We carefully peeled and chopped some pears and then made a crumble topping. We added chopped up fruit for a face and finally enjoyed eating it - clean bowls all round!!