Wild Tribe

"Everywhere we go, people always ask us who we are and where we come from and we always tell them..........
we're the Wild Tribe gang!"
Name badges
The skills we learn in this session include; using a hand-drill to drill a hole through our wooden name badge, peeling and cutting Elder sticks and pushing out the pith to create Elder 'beads'. Threading the beads onto string and assembling and decorating the name badge. 
Stick People
The skills involved in this session include; cutting Hazel sticks to length, knot tying and binding the sticks together using string, and whittling a flat 'face' on one end of the stick.
What name will you give to your stick person?
Mini shelter building
In this session, we practise our skills of cutting Hazel sticks to length, knot-tying and binding using string to make the sticks into a tri-pod. The race is then on to cover the tri-pod in leaves before the rain comes - will your stick person stay dry?!!
Clay creatures
In this session, we use clay and natural items to sculpt an animal or mystical creature. In pairs, we introduce our characters and give them a name.
In pairs, we then collect natural items in a cup and add magic water to turn to it into a potion. The potion is then dropped onto the clay creatures to give them a magic power (such as a feather for flight). What special power will your creature have?
Dream catchers
In this session, we spend some quiet reflection time just observing and sketching the natural environment around us. 
We then make dream catchers using willow branches and wool. This is a real test of our knot-tying and binding skills learnt in previous sessions! The dream catchers are finished off with bead, feathers and leaves decorations - we will sleep peacefully tonight!
Camp fire!
In this session, we have great fun using a fire striker to light our own fire - this is a real test of perseverance!
We also light a fire in our Kelly kettle to boil water to make delicious hot chocolate and use our expert whittling skills to turn hazel sticks into marshmallow skewers - yum!!!!
What a lovely end to our Wild Tribe experience - watch this space for more sessions next year!