School Games

Our School Games
 At Grampound with Creed CofE School, we ensure that our sporting opportunities enable all children to develop their skills with confidence.
Our curriculum focuses on skills based activities and we are lucky enough to have a specialist P.E. teacher who delivers this once a week.
We also offer a wide range of clubs for children across the Key Stages, which include: Netball, Basketball, General Sports, Badminton and Football. As a school, we are very proud of our Silver School Games Award, although this year we are aiming for Gold!
Please get in touch with Mrs Grubb regarding any School Games enquiries.
Sports Day - July 2022
Lawn Bowls Tournament at St Austell Bowling Club -
June 2022
  The children went to St Austell Bowling Club to take part in the Bowls Tournament. We played really well and finished 3rd.
Sailing at Percuil - Summer Term 2022
Funfest at The Roseland - March 2022
Christmas Dodgeball at The Roseland - 1st December 2021
Sports Day 2021
P.E. 2020/2021
Here are some P.E. pictures from the Autumn and Spring Terms.
Weekly Walkers 2020/2021
We have started a weekly walkers competition where every child wears a peodmeter and the class with the most steps at the end of the week will win. We are hoping that this will help with physical activity during the week.
2021 Week of 21/6 Week of 28/6   
Pedrevan Class 303,057 steps 267,824 steps  
Lostledan Class 338,944 steps 414,515 steps   
Kwilkyn Class 257,136 steps 85,965 steps   
2021 Week of 17/5 Week of 24/5 Week of 7/6   Week of 14/6
Pedrevan Class 287,157 steps 302,174 steps 247,483 steps   294,071 steps
Lostledan Class 463,933 steps 486,922 steps 308,860 steps  269,264 steps 
Kwilkyn Class 432,167 steps  247,414 steps 196,063 steps 373,029 steps 
2021  Week of 19/4 Week of 26/4  Week of 3/5  Week of 10/5 
Pedrevan Class 114,508 steps 227,478 steps  184,897 steps   307,294 steps
Lostledan Class 492,685 steps 533,956 steps  406,011 steps  587,384 steps 
Kwilkyn Class 144,709 steps 564,005 steps  397,574 steps 
No Weekly Walkers
due to swimming 
2021 Week of 8/3  Week of 15/3  Week of 22/3  
Pedrevan Class   325,112 steps  155,291 steps   
Lostledan Class 239,126 steps 477,928 steps  663,769 steps   
Kwilkyn Class 484,289 steps 700,889 steps   144,709 steps  
2020 Week of 23/11 Week of 30/11 Week of 7/12 Week of 14/12
Pedrevan Class 253,788 steps 298,846 steps 232,153 steps 235,633 steps
Lostledan Class 488,844 steps 334,464 steps 624,278 steps 678,451 steps
Kwilkyn Class 453,764 steps 610,234 steps 569,570 steps 532,922 steps
P.E. Stars
These are the children who are staying active each week and completing Mr Webb's challenges.
Week of 29/1 Week of 5/2 Week of 12/2 Week of 12/3 Week of 19/3 Week of 26/3
Danny, Charlotte, Eva-Rose & Rune Lucas, Keah, Mia & Sam Lexe, Eva-Rose & William Lottie & Thomas Denzil Chase, Lexi & James
The playground recently had a new surface laid. See the pictures below!
Sporting Certificates 2019/2020
Here are some of our sporting certificates on our Sport Notice Board!
2020 - Bench Ball & Basketball Festival
2019 - Runners Up at Badminton Festival
P.E. 2019/2020
Here are some P.E. pictures from the Spring and Summer Terms.
Sports Week 2020
Here are some pictures of Sports Week!
New playground equipment for the children to enjoy at break times!
Sports Day 2019
Here are some pictures of our Sports Day!
Sailing at Percuil - Summer Term 2019
The Y5 children are going to Percuil for Sailing lessons during the Summer Term!
Lawn Bowls Qualifier at St Austell Bowling Club -
May 2019
 The children went to St Austell Bowling Club to take part in the Bowls Qualifier. We played really well but unfortunately, we did not qualify for the final. 
Quad Kids Athletics - May 2019
 The children went to Par Athletic Track to take part in sporting activities.
Moving Morning - 4th April 2019
 A group of children took part in a variety of fun, non-competitive sporting activities. 
Netball at Bodmin College - March 2019
WOW Basketball Session - Tuesday 26th February 2019
 We were visited by former Harlem Globe Trotter Paul 'Tiny' Sturgess the tallest man in Britain standing at 7ft 8". Paul talked about his career and delivered some key messages that will hopefully help the children's focus and have a positive influence on their future and learn to accept and celebrate our differences. 
Children from Ladock, Veryan, Grampound Road and Bishop Bronescombe joined us for this visit and an interactive assembly took place with some of the children taking part in a fun basketball session.
Sporting Certificates 2018/2019
Here are some of our sporting certificates.
2018 - Bench Ball Festival, The Walking Games, Sportshall Athletics and
Badminton Festival (Champions)
2019 - High 5 Netball Festival (Runner Up)
School Games
The school has taken part in the Cornwall School Games since 2014.