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Safer Internet
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  1. Free to be ourselves

    Be proud of all the things that you enjoy, and keep on trying different things too. If there are new activities that you want to do online, ask an adult first to help you find them - to check they’re ok for you.

  2. Free to be kind 

    Remember, the rules that you follow every day in real life also apply when you’re on the internet. It’s important to treat other people the way that you would like to be treated and always think about their feelings.

  3. Free to play

    It’s really important that your parents and carers know what you enjoy doing online, so that they can help you when you need it. Using the internet together as a family is really fun, and you’ll be the best teacher when it comes to showing everyone your favourite games!

  4. Free to be safe

    Some parts of your identity must stay private. This is your ‘personal information’ - which includes your name, date of birth, home address, school address, email address and passwords.

  5. Free to ask for help

    If anyone, or anything, online makes you feel worried, upset or uncomfortable, tell a trusted adult straight away. The sooner someone knows how you feel, the sooner you can be helped.

Safer Internet Day 2020 Quiz

The theme of Safer Internet Day 2020 is, ‘Safer Internet Day: Together for a better internet.’

This Safer Internet Day, the UK Safer Internet Centre is exploring whether young people feel free to be themselves online. We are focussing on how young people manage their online identity, and how the internet shapes how they think of themselves and others.

This quiz is designed for 7-13 year olds, but can be played by anyone!

What does your identity look like online and do you feel free to be yourself?

Take our quiz now to find out...